The raw unknown

A Raw food diet may seem like this exciting new breakthrough that folks are opening their eyes to… but in reality, it’s always been this way.  At least since Genesis 1:24 it has


This is my journey into the raw unknown.


When I became aware of the realities of the dog food industry, I knew there had to be something better. Shortly after the turn of y2k, I discovered raw feeding. Even though it was a basic, somewhat inconsistent recipe, the changes I noticed in my dogs were undeniable. I had 2 imported Belgian Malinois that were in training for future service work and as such their bodies needed the highest level of nutrition I can give them. The difference in their energy level and focus was night n ,however, as i talked to more people about it, I didnt find too many others who shared my optimism. After hearing countless horror stories of a salmonella cesspool and nutritional deficiencies, I decided to do a bit more investigation before I abandoned this promising new discovery and given adequate opportunity, the pros and cons will come to light. After a few months I hadnt noticed any adverse effects in my dogs health, but they continued to improve in almost every way. As the years went on, I always recieved so many compliments from people how well taken care of my dogs are and if I could give them some pointers. Well before it started picking up some credibility, most were doubtful when I credit the raw diet for the single largest factor. Nearly 20 years later, I am pleased to say that after all this time, I still havent found a good reason to not feed a freshly made raw diet to my dogs.

20 years ago, the information regarding a raw diet wasnt as readily available to help us make sense of things, so I began to exchange ideas and experiences with other raw food fanciers. A bit of this, no more of that, some trial, error and lots of experience began to pay off. Years and years of experience and fine tuning my recipes have helped me develop a formula that is an excellent starting point for anybody interested in getting started w a raw diet. I say starting point bc no 2 dogs are the same, so some thrive and some tolerate certain ingredients better, but I’d love to share my experience and help you get started in the right direction.

After years of lending a Second Hand to fellow raw food fanciers and countless requests to help formulate or prepare a well balanced meal for their pets it became apparent that there are as many people unsure how to make a raw diet work for them as those who doubt it will, so my wife and I decided to do our part to change this. When we decided to offer our services to the public we had one goal in mind; to make all natural specialized diets available at a price you can afford, in a way you can relate to.